Dr. Maahir Haque is a fellowship trained orthopedic spine surgeon specializing in the treatment of neck and back pain using the newest evidence-based methods.

His primary goal is to provide the highest quality care to his patients in the least invasive manner so they may return to their functional lives as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Recently, he began surgeon training at our Advanced Learning Lab on our new TiLock Modular Screw System, so, we were eager to gain insights and opinions from him during his time in Austin.

“The TiLock Modular Screw System is one of the latest exciting new product offerings from Genesys Spine.

As a design surgeon on the project, I helped design this innovative set to support a variety of posterior spinal fusion approaches including open, mini open, and percutaneous.”

The alpha launch cases are now complete and we have begun training surgeons at the Genesys Spine Advanced Learning Lab.

Dr. Haque continues, “the TiLock Modular Screw System offers a variety of advantages compared to existing technology:

• Proprietary instrumentation makes instrumentation effortless.
• An innovative one-hand adjustable drill guide, self-retaining screw drivers, and an in-line decorticator truly stand out in the segment.
• The modular set offers a variety of screw options including cannulated and non-cannulated.
• The modular heads, which come in traditional, reduction, and extended tab versions have class leading pull-out strength.

Coupled with our suite of existing and soon to be released interbody options, the TiLock Modular Screw System truly is the backbone of your posterior spinal fusion construct.”

To learn more about the TiLock Modular Screw System, please click here.

To learn more about Dr. Haque, please click here.