AIS-C Stand-Alone System and TiLock Modular Screw System both winners of A’ Design Awards 2019.

Genesys Spine is elated to announce that the AIS-C Stand Alone System has won a Bronze Selection A’ Design Award and the TiLock Modular Screw System has won an Iron A’ Design Award in the category of Scientific Instruments, Medical Devices and Research Equipment Design by the grand jury panel of the A’ Design Award & Competition.

A’ Design Award & Competition, the World’s largest and most diffused international design awards, announced 2437 Winners from 106 countries in 98 different design disciplines. Entries were carefully evaluated by an internationally influential jury panel composed of established scholars, prominent press members, creative design professionals and experienced entrepreneurs who devoted great care and attention to details while voting each entry.

“The A’ Design Awards are the world’s most influential and largest design awards, presented each year in Italy. It is a great honor for us to receive these prestigious awards, and we would like to thank all of our friends and partners for their support and help along the way. This award, providing recognition to the excellence of design, places Genesys on an international stage” said Josh Kaufmann, Genesys Spine principal.

About the AIS-C Stand Alone System

The AIS-C Stand-Alone System is a first of its kind, non-screw based, zero-profile, direct-anterior stand-alone interbody system for the cervical spine.  Designed to provide the greatest ease of use to the surgeon at every step of the procedure.

About the TiLock Modular Spinal System

The TiLock Modular Spinal System uniquely addresses the challenges of posterior fixation by providing surgeons with the flexibility to secure difficult operative levels.  Increased options for distraction, greater visibility, and more thorough decortication may be achieved by allowing the surgeon to first place a low profile screw.

About A’ Design Award & Competition

A’ Design Awards were established to create awareness for good design practices and principles. The ultimate aim of the A’ Design Award & Competition is to build strong incentives for designers, companies and brands from all countries to come up with better products, services and systems that benefit mankind. A’ Design Award & Competition therefore highlights and pushes forward worldwide designers and brands to create products and projects that offer additional value, increased utility, new functionality, superior aesthetics, exceptional efficiency, improved sustainability and remarkable performance.

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