About SemaFour®

The SemaFour titanium matrix was designed with the intent to accelerate spinal fusion by focusing on Surface and Geometric Optimization.

  • The SemaFour Surface Optimization focused on tailoring the surface roughness, surface energy, and wettability to encourage protein and cell adhesions during the initial stages of the healing process.
  • The SemaFour Geometric Optimization was developed to accelerate angiogenesis and osteogenesis by controlling the pore-size, porosity, pore interconnectedness, and implant stiffness. The parametric design of the matrix provides load-sharing between the implant and native bone, supporting new bone growth, while reducing the likelihood of subsidence. The highly porous nature of the SemaFour matrix enables packing of osteoinductive autograft and also allows for excellent post-operative visualization (reduced scatter and halo on fluoroscopic imaging).
  • The SemaFour matrix makes the most of the titanium biomaterial while providing a bone-like osteoconductive structure designed to help accelerate fusion. All Genesys Spine’s 3DP interbodies, cervical and lumbar, incorporate the same SemaFour matrix technology.