Posterior Sacroiliac Joint Fusion – SIrten™ Allograft

The posterior sacroiliac joint fusion system includes our patented Posterior Cortical Allograft implant. The posterior approach provides direct visualization and access of the SI joint.

  • Streamlined instrumentation
  • Proprietary design
  • This cortical bone allograft provides a scaffold around which new bone can grow.
  • 6mm height x 9mm width x 20mm length
  • Solid cortical construct = maximum structural support
  • Serrated surface = back out resistance
  • Tapered nose = easier delivery
  • Gamma sterilized, 4-year shelf-life, and can be stored at room temperature

Oblique Sacroiliac Joint Fusion – SIros O™ 3D Printed

The SIros O Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System is a 3D-printed implant designed to transfix the sacroiliac joint.


1. Single lead, dual pitch design lowers insertion torque and increases the fusible surface area
2. Textured surface (3D Printed) facilitates osteoconduction
3. Rifled inner diameter reduces potential of wire advancement during insertion
4. Highly tapered and fluted tip aids with insertion with less surgical effort
5. Screw tapers, slightly over its length, to increase purchase in the cortical bone

6. Castellated insertion feature securely fixes the screw to the driver (no toggle)
7. Implant design allows bone harvesting
8. 9.5mm & 11.5mm diameter
9. 40, 50, 60 and 65mm lengths


Inlet Contralateral Oblique

Outlet Contralateral Oblique

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Oblique Sacroiliac Joint Fusion – SIros O 3D Printed

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Self-tapping SI anchors

  • Offered in single thread and dual thread configurations.
  • All have washer head designs for added support.
  • Available in 7.0mm diameter
  • Dual thread designs have a differential pitch for controlled compression across the joint.
  • Cannulated design allows for minimally invasive placement.

Washers (optional)

  • Designed to maximize purchase on the ilium without burying the implant head in the bone.
  • Washers can toggle around the head of the Anchor/ Implant allowing it to sit flush against the patient’s bone even if the implant is placed at an angle.