Osteobiologic products

Genesys Spine also provides a full line of osteobiologic products designed to promote bone growth and aid in fusion. Among the products offered are:

Cancellous Strips

Our strips are 100% cancellous, demineralized bone. Studies have shown that irradiating cancellous bone may decrease certain mechanical properties within the bone such as tensile strength and failure load. Our strips contain no gels or collagen matrices and are up to 50% more osteoinductive and osteoconductive. The strip can be used to hold and deliver PRP, BMA or other concentrates to the surgical site and when reconstituted have “sponge-like” properties.

Cortical/Cancellous Chips

We provide cortical and cancellous chips in a variety of granule sizes and in packages ranging from 5cc to 30cc.

DBM Putties and Pastes

Our DBM putties and pastes come in either flowable or moldable form and can include cortical and cancellous chips. We also provide DBM in pre-loaded syringes

Blood and Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrating Systems

Genesys Spine is highly focused on the study and development of biologic and regenerative medicine technologies that utilize the body’s own stem cells, platelets and growth factors in healing. Genesys offers a safe, easy-to-use point of care concentrating system with proven performance outcomes and stability. Using this system, we can take blood or bone marrow aspirate at the point of care and, after a single spin centrifugation, produce a highly concentrated sample of nucleated stem cells and platelet growth factors for a variety of applications.

Bone Graft Putty with Bioactive Glass

The purpose of the carrier is to facilitate intra-operative handling of the graft and to maintain the granulate components in the desired location until closure. Upon exposure to the physiological environment, the bioactive glass undergoes an exchange of biologically active ions to produce a bioactive apatite layer to which bone can readily bond to, followed by the proliferation and differentiation of bone related cells as part of the normal healing process.