Genesys Spine Launches SIros O™ Transfixing SI Joint Fusion System

Genesys Spine today announced the launch of the SIros O™ Oblique SI Fusion system. This is the third sacroiliac joint fusion system offered by Genesys Spine and provides physicians with expanded surgical options to address SI Joint pain.

Trending In Spine: 3D Printing

2018 saw a boost in technology and popularity surrounding 3D printing.
From pencil holders to prosthetic limbs, to spinal implants, 3D printing seems to be on
course to make major waves in many industries including Spinal Fusion in 2019 and beyond.

MIS techniques

Trending In Spine: MIS Techniques

Researching trends in the spinal fusion sector from 2018 and beyond, three main themes are surfacing – minimizing cost, maximizing recovery time, and utilizing resources more efficiently.