Launch of 3D Printed Non-Screw Based Cervical Stand-Alone Cage

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Austin, TX:  Genesys Spine is pleased to announce the launch of the first 3D Printed Non-Screw Based Cervical Stand-Alone Cage in the United States.

The AIS-C 3DP Stand-Alone Cervical Cage consists of a 3D printed cervical interbody cage combined with titanium anchors enabling bony fusion and fixation with direct anterior access and a minimum of steps.  The 3D interbody cage features Genesys Spine’s proprietary Semafour® Technology.  This technology consists of a unique 3D lattice which has been optimized for osteogenesis by tailoring the pore size, wettability, roughness, and surface energy of the implant.

Beyond the advantages of Semafour®  Technology, the AIS-C 3DP stand-alone cervical interbody cage includes:

  • Direct anterior approach allowing for a smaller, mid-line incision.
  • Non-screw based fixation.
  • Quick, simple, non-impacting anchor insertion – does not need an awl or drill.
  • Zero-step locking mechanism – Contains a locking feature that provides visual confirmation of engagement, but allows for anchor removal when desired.
  • Easily revised or removed – use of the removal instruments allows the locking mechanism to be bypassed so the anchors can be extracted.  No drilling is required.

The ease of application of the AIS-C 3DP Stand Alone, now combined with the addition of Genesys Spine’s Semafour® Technology, will take an already excellent implant and further enhance it as a superior surgical choice for my patients.  I believe this implant will become my implant of choice for ACDF’s. – Dr. Matthew Philips, M.D. – board-certified neurosurgeon and Director of the Brain and Spine Center at SouthCoast Health in Massachusetts.

For more info on the Genesys Spine Apache AIS-C 3DP System, please call 512.381.7070 or email

5mm Cervical with anchors